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Another innovation from Comfort Products

Comfort Products prosthetic sheaths have earned a reputation for providing maximum comfort and great durability, all at a very affordable price. As the first manufacturer in the United States to incorporate X-static silver into prosthetic and orthotic knitted products, we understand the benefits that silver can offer.

X-static yarn has a pure layer of silver included in the surface of the textile fiber. The yarn offers all of the benefits known to be inherent to pure silver in a textile fiber. Some of the specific benefits of silver are:

Antimicrobial - eliminates odor causing bacteria and fungus
Anti-odor - inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi & neutralizes ammonia & denatured proteins
All natural - 100% safe and non-toxic, containing no chemicals
Thermodynamic - regulates temperature: cooler in summer, warmer in winter. Heat conductive body heat is distributed and conducted to outside air, and heat reflective body heat is reflected back to the skin
Anti-Static - has very high electrical conductivity
Therapeutic - Less discomfort thanks to the high conductive performances

The SilverSheath is the latest addition to the Comfort family of X-static products. It is reinforced for great wear resistance and has a unique mesh design which stretches to conform to shape while allowing necessary ventilation. The turned welt top provides added strength. The SilverSheath also adds the benefits of X-static, as shown above.

The SilverSheath can also be worn under a liner!

Wearing the SilverSheath under a liner can help to eliminate some of the skin problems common to many liner wearers. The natural anti-microbial action of the silver will eliminate the bacteria which is often the cause of many of these skin problems.

Standard ComfortSilverSheath ComfortSilverSheathwith 3S Hole
Size Sock Length Part Number Size Sock Length Part Number
BK X-Short 8” - 10” XSHXS BK X-Short 8” - 10” XSHXS3
BK Short 10” - 14” XSHS BK Short 10” - 14” XSHS3
BK Medium 16” - 20” XSHM BK Medium 16” - 20” XSHM3
BK Long 22” - 26” XSHL BK Long 22” - 26” XSHL3

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