PVA Bags
ImagePVA bags are essential to every orthotic & prosthetic facility that does fabrication. It is important to have quality and reliability in every PVA bag that you use. PVA bags require skill and care to properly manufacture. They also require high quality raw materials.

For Comfort Products, the MasterCraft trademark is more than just a name. Comfort combines the latest equipment and technology with old world craftsmanship for every PVA bag that we produce. Our strong narrow seam helps ensure top quality cosmetic results every time. We even use a yellow bag that offers ultraviolet light protection for our package. This ensures that your product arrives fresh and ready to use.

PVA Bags
Part Number Width Length
PV4X20 4 20
PV6X20 6 20
PV8X20 8 20
PV10X20 10 20
PV12X20 12 20
PV4X40 4 40
PV6X40 6 40
PV8X40 8 40
PV10X40 10 40
PV12X40 12 40
PV14X40 14 40
PV16X40 16 40
PV18X40 18 40
PV20X40 20 40

Also Available in Film Rolls!

The same high quality PVA film used to manufacture our Master Craft PVA bags is now available in convenient rolls 100 long x 40 wide. Quality film reasonably priced.

Part Number: PVA40FILM