Spectralon Stockinette
ImageSpectralon™ from Comfort Products combines the exceptional properties of Spectra® fibers with the proven characteristics of Nylon in a unique tubular stockinette or tape. Spectra® fibers from Honeywell have the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any fiber available on the market today. Spectra® is commonly used in military armor applications to protect soldiers on the battlefield. It is also used to manufacture gloves worn by workers in sheet metal and glass manufacturing plants. It has a proven track record for strength and durability, yet is extremely lightweight.

Not only is Spectra® 10 times stronger than steel and 40% stronger than Kevlar, it is four times stronger than Nylon and Polyester and generally stronger than most Carbon fibers. Spectralon™ combines 65% Spectra® with 35% Stretch Nylon to take advantage of the unique properties of each material in a single unique stockinette. Spectralon™ has excellent strength and saturation characteristics. It also does not run and has a very smooth appearance giving laminations a fine finish. The 280% strength capability of Spectralon™ allows it to be very form fitting.

Features of Spectralon™ include:
  • Cost efficient option to other hi-tech stockinettes on the market
  • Allows for a thinner layup, which requires less resin
  • Compatible with Acrylic and Epoxy resins
  • Lighter weight than other layup materials
  • White color permits easy pigmentation
  • Exceptional stretch to accommodate rapid size changes
  • Lower cost per pound than carbon
  • Available as a tubular stockinette and as a tape

Spectralon Part Numbers
Product Description 5 yard roll 15 yard roll 25 yard roll Per Yard
2 Stockinette SPS25 SPS215 SPS225 N/A
3 Stockinette SPS35 SPS315 SPS325 N/A
4 Stockinette SPS45 SPS415 SPS425 N/A
5 Stockinette SPS55 SPS515 SPS525 N/A
6 Stockinette N/A N/A SPS625 N/A
8 Stockinette N/A N/A SPS825 N/A
3/4 Tape N/A N/A N/A SPT34
1 Tape N/A N/A N/A SPT1
1 1/2 Tape N/A N/A N/A SPT15
2 Tape N/A N/A N/A SPT2